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Glenwood Location  

18445 S Halsted St                                                                                                   Glenwood, IL 60425                                                                                                               P: (708) 756-4100


Hazel Crest Location

3350 W183rd St                                                                                                               Hazel Crest, IL  60429                                                                                                             P: (708) 647-8170


Store Hours:

Monday — Friday: 7am – 10pm (last wash @ 9pm)

Saturday & Sunday: 7am – Midnight (last wash @ 10pm)


Questions and complaints to 

2 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Pls add machine & dryer costs to your website & if you have change machine, the bills accepted. It would be appreciated to the occasional user like me.

  2. I moved out of Glenwood and I still travel back to this laundromat because it is ALWAYS clean and the staff is very pleasant and more than willing to help if you need it!

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